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Our OWN column:
Westside Neighbors Picnic July 18

       By Welling Clark
       President, Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN)

Join the Westside Community Center and the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) for the Westside's 15th annual neighborhood picnic, Saturday, July 18 from noon to 2 p.m.

OWN board member Terry Brunette mans the grill at the 2014 Westside Neighbors Picnic.
Westside Pioneer photo

       OWN's Terry Brunette will man the grill, providing brats and hotdogs, and we will also have lemonade and water, watermelons and side dishes.
       We ask that attendees bring side dishes such as salads, vegetables, and desserts, but this is optional and we'll let you in whether you bring one or not!
       Entertainment will include the talented John Wise Trio. You've heard John at previous picnics and other clubs around town. Information booths will be provided for residents interested in financial planning, Colorado Springs Utilities' upcoming events, public safety information, and more.
       The event will be held in the grassy area outside the Community Center, at 17th and Bijou streets (outside the old Buena Vista Elementary School). Parking is available from the alley off 17th Street (between Bijou and Platte).
       At last year's picnic, OWN enjoyed food, music and conversation with more than 150 of our Westside neighbors. See you there.
       New board member
       Maren McDowell is our newest OWN board member, representing District 4. A Colorado Springs native, she and her husband Matt have lived on the Westside for a year. Her career is in marketing and communications, and she will be compiling online newsletters for both OWN and the Avenue Merchants, as well as helping with event publicity and social media postings.
       I love the Westside and wouldn't be anywhere else, says Maren. I've been looking for a way to get involved with the area, and after conversations with other board members and realizing some of the needs of the group, I knew I would be a good fit.
       Code Enforcement
       We all try to be good neighbors and keep our houses in good shape, trash picked up and obey the law. Recently, we had people contact OWN about an event that caused issues (illegal parking, driveways blocked, trash, noise, etc.) which are essentially code violations.
       The Colorado Springs' Code Enforcement mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of city residents by mitigating physical signs of urban blight and social disorder through the enforcement of the City Code of Colorado Springs.
       Important Phone Numbers:
       Code Enforcement: 719-444-7891
       Parking Enforcement: 719-444-7706
       Graffiti Hotline: 719-634-5713
       Yard Waste: 719-579-9103
       For more information visit: http://www.springsgov.com/Page.aspx?NavID=1688
       Let's all try to be good neighbors; and think about what we do and how it affects our neighbors.

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