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OCC Library unveils community-created mural

Concrete Couch director Steve Wood talks about what was involved in the community tile mural project during its unveiling at the back of the Old Colorado City Library parking lot May 16. Many in the crowd had participated in the effort.
Travers Jordan photos – special to the Westside Pioneer
       A ceremony in May unveiled the final form of a community-created tile mural in the Old Colorado City Library parking lot.
       Featuring well over 1,000 commercial and custom-made tiles along the once-blank concrete walls along the rear pedestrian ramp, planning and implementation involved dozens of volunteers, overseen by tcontractor Concrete Couch over about a three-month span.

A close-up displays the combination of individual and commercial tiles in one part of the mural.
Travers Jordan photos - special to the Westside Pioneer

       “This was truly an all-inclusive, community-designed and created project that continues to build community through art,” writes Library Manager Jocelyne Sansing in a guest column that appeared in the Westside Pioneer online. “These unique tiles represent so much more than pieces of fired clay. They represent the development of all the volunteers who participated in the project and unleashed their individual creativity, allowing them to have a voice in the process and a permanent stamp in their neighborhood.”
       “We used the concrete as a canvas,” said Steve Wood, the director of Concrete Couch, a nonprofit arts organization. “It is never possible to make everyone ecstatically happy about a project, but I feel we have done a nice job of addressing the architecture, history and function of the library and its environs.”
       Sansing and her staff had developed the mural concept. The $14,000 project cost was covered with available library funds.
       Project specifications called for a final product that would require no maintenance.

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