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King Street gets concrete overhaul, set for ‘16 paving

A contractor crew (AA Construction) sets up forms for a concrete pour in May along King Street just east of 30th Street.
Westside Pioneer photo
       Concrete improvements were implemented on King Street and part of 19th Street this spring.
       City Street Division information shows that the work was part of a “pre-overlay concrete repair program” in preparation for a paving overlay that is scheduled next year.
       The actual segments that got attention are King from 30th to 19th and 19th from King to Mesa Road.
       According to Michael Hensley, the Street Division program supervisor, the work involved replacing any damaged sidewalks, curbs and gutters and “bringing corner locations up to standard with handicapped access.”
       Performed by a city-bonded contractor, the work was funded by the maintenance program of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority.
       King was prioritized for attention this year and next under a city street-repair strategy to “focus on primary routes and residential collectors” that need work, Hensley said. King is defined as a collector.
       This means that less-busy streets, such as those through neighborhoods, “won't be addressed until we get the arterials and collectors repaired,” he elaborated.
       He also cautioned that plans to pave the areas getting concrete attention - including King and 19th - will not be definite until the 2016 budget is finalized late this year.

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