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District 11 schools to reopen for students Aug. 18

       District 11 public schools will open to students for the 2015-16 year Tuesday, Aug. 18.
       Significant changes on the Westside are a new principal for the West Campus (see story, Page 1) and an expansion of the areas served by school buses.
       “The board decreased the walk for all grade levels by a half-mile,” explained District 11 spokesperson Devra Ashby. “Sixteen hundred additional students now qualify for transportation.”
       The new walking distances are 2 miles maximum for high school, 1 ½ for middle and 1 for elementary, she said.
       Families who are eligible to ride will be notified by the D-11 Transportation Depart-ment, she added.
       Anyone with questions can call 520-2940 or e-mail transops@d11.org.
       Going into the school year, below are brief capsules on each Westside D-11 school (principal's name in parentheses). Probable enrollment numbers are estimates based on last year's ending numbers.
       Bristol, 890 N. Walnut St. (Manuel Ramsey), 328-4000. Probable enrollment: 220. Type of school: Traditional, with emphasis on the arts.
       Howbert, 1023 N. 31st St. (Deb Hawes), 328-4200. Probable enrollment: 310. Type of school: Traditional.
       Jackson, 4340 Edwinstowe Ave. (Sara Miller), 328-5800. Probable enrollment: 470. Type of school: Traditional.
       Midland, 2110 W. Broadway St. (Jeremy Cramer), 328-4500. Probable enrollment: 175. Type of school: International Baccalaureate (IB).
       West, 25 N. 20th St. (Shalah Sims, with Assistant Principal Noel Wilson), 328-4900. Probable enrollment: 350. Type of school: Traditional.
       Buena Vista, 924 W. Pikes Peak Ave. (David Brilliant), 328-4100. Probable enrollment: 235. Type of school: Montessori.
       Holmes, 2455 Mesa Rd. (Rob Utter), 328-3800. Probable enrollment: 700. Type of school: Traditional.
       West, 1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave. (Shalah Sims, with Assistant Principal Karen Newton), 328-3900. Probable enrollment: 280. Type of school: Traditional.
       Academy ACL, 2510 N. Chestnut St. (Nikki Myers), 434-6566. Probable enrollment: 280. Type of school: Emphasis on gifted students.
       Coronado, 1590 W. Fillmore St. (Darin Smith), 328-3600. Probable enrollment: 1,520. Type of school: Traditional.

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