EDITORíS DESK: What makes winter worthwhile

       Hello again!
       Since last we met in the world of ink, the school year was about to start, elections were coming, the weather was mild, and all kinds of events were scheduled.
       Well, at least, with Christmas coming, we still have plenty of events.
       It's easy, in the constant go-go-go of our modern world, to shrug off festive occasions, such as those listed in our story on Page 1. It might be a cold night for the Christmas Stroll; it almost always is for Rock Ledge Ranch's Holiday Evening. And then there can be parking considerations or the bother of crowds (such as at school concerts), and of course, for the events that cost money, that's the best excuse not to go. I'm no promoter, but as someone who has spent time at every one of the events listed in our story, I'd just like to say that they all have their charms. Outside of parents proudly watching their youngster play in a band or orchestra, I would say that for family memories, there's probably nothing like Rock Ledge Ranch. The Santa looks as if he could have put General Palmer's daughters on his knee, and I love the little bonfires (carefully tended, of course) that are set out in the open areas for people to amble up to and get warm. Then there's the Holiday Tour, which started as a bed-and-breakfast thing to raise money for the Old Colorado City History Center, but has now expanded to classic locations in general; in any case, it's fun to see great building interiors decorated to the nines, reminding us that it's really Christmas.
       Christmas. I've got to admit I really like that word. I got a laugh a day or two ago, reading a press release where the writer seemed proud that some event or other was recognizing the season by "even" having Santa Claus. Like it was really gauche, but oh well. What my amusement comes from is the fact that Christmas might be the best day of the year, but unfortunately our society tiptoes around the word. For instance, on Dec. 20, the students will be out for "winter break," the District 11 website says. True, the D-11 calendar does identify "Christmas Day" as the 25th, but there would probably be a federal lawsuit if it defined (even in an educational way) the actual derivation of the word.
       Sorry, got off on a tangent. No space left except to say Merry Christmas and see you in January.

- K.J.