EDITORíS DESK: How did we use to do this?

       Hello again!
       Publishing another print edition of the Westside Pioneer brings back the old saying about getting on a bicycle after not riding for a while. It seems crazy at first, with just two wheels and all, but then... well, you get the idea.
       In any case, I know we wrote (right at the top of page 1, in fact) that Dec. 19 was our "last print edition." We didn't mean to lie. It was just that we've heard from people constantly (and I am not exaggerating), about how much they missed having a newspaper that they could "hold in their hands." All you futurists who keep talking about how the whole world is going online - it may be true someday, but for now at least, I guarantee you it's only part of the world.
       Which (I just realized) is a perfect lead-in for a little promo: You people who have not gone to our website at westsidepioneer.com don't know what you're missing! We have the same coverage as before, with the advantage of all color on ads and photos, plus longer stories and more photos when the subject calls for it. A good example was the Adams Crossing piece, which first came out online and was a lot of work but turned out to be perhaps my most rewarding experience in this business - helping track down what had been a historical will-o'-the-wisp, and now as a result Charles Adams' worthy legacy will live on with the new bridge.
       But getting back to riding that bicycle, does the current edition mean we'll print weekly again? Sorry, that's just not possible. We gave it our best shot for 10 years, following the belief that the Westside deserves a media voice. But gradually we realized we were killing ourselves and not exactly making a killing, if you get my drift. So we're doing the online thing, and though it feels more like a unicycle than a bicycle at times, with the coding and all, it's going to be our main thing, going forward.
       However... We are eager to see how this edition of the Pioneer is received, if people like the idea of a printed issue that rounds up the news periodically, combining current stuff (such as Cimarron/I-25 aesthetics and the Coronado principal selection) with pull-outs of online stories we thought were cool, such as Adams Crossing or the history behind the Fillmore's unusual new interchange.
       Anyway, thanks for reading. Time to jump back on that unicycle. Semi-colons and brackets, beware!

- K.J.