EDITOR’S DESK: Drawn and quartered

       As the Grateful Dead once wrote, “What a long, strange trip it's been.”
       I hope you don't find it too boring - those of you hoping that this column might provide some actual commentary on the Westside news world - to come here and find me once again talking about our newspaper and things we're doing.
       So I'll try to get through this quick. There's just a different kind of a feel, putting words together with the realization they'll be sitting on a news rack for three months instead of one week, as in the "old days" of the Westside Pioneer.
       In any case, since January we've been plugging away at our online site - westsidepioneer.com, if you've got a pencil handy - and now're trying our hand as a printed quarterly. We hope that will work out for these unique times, with some people seeking to be as "digital" as possible and others still liking to read newspapers the old-fashioned way.
       How long will we stay like this? The reply could be another question: What will be invented next? We're just trying to keep up. To paraphrase Indiana Jones (whose character, I believe, did not do personal computers), "We're making this up as we go"...
       OK, commentary. It would be nice to think that the jaw-droppingly disrepectful vagrancy perpetrated on the Old Colorado City History Center (see story on Page 1) would be a flash point regarding the ineffective local strategies being used to mitigate the homeless/transient problem. The timing certainly would be right. The Mayor's Office is in the midst of developing a "five-year plan" whose ambitious goal is to "end homlessness." Unfortunately, those working on it are people who are professionally reliant on the existence of a homeless/transient population. They have a vested interest, I would argue, in keeping the issue alive, even seeing the numbers grow, meanwhile knowing they can play the compassion/guilt card on politicians anytime someone like me stirs the pot. It's the same reason we can never seem to end racism or bridge other social divides - too many people benefit personally from seeing them continue. As for the end- homelessness goal, my prediction is that all we'll see five years from now is a new five-year plan...
       Well, that's about it. We've tried this issue to catch up our print folks on everything of Westside interest we know about. See you in three.

- K.J.