EDITORíS DESK: Hereís to our first year

       This is a column I've been looking forward to writing. Issue number 52 of Volume 1 of the Westside Pioneer. That means we've made it through one whole year. Is that memorable or what?
       In our first issue on Jan. 5 of 2004, I penned the following, in part: "Our goal is simple: to provide the Westside - arguably the most unique area of Colorado Springs - with its own newspaper... This is a mom-and-pop newspaper, not a big chain... We'll cover news the old-fashioned way - empty of bias and hopefully full of usable information."
       You'll have to tell me if you think we followed through on those words. All I know is that we - Therese and I - have tried our darndest to make this the best little mom-and-pop newspaper it can be. We also shared a secret pride at every significant Westside event we covered at which we were the only media. The Red Rock Canyon public meetings, all but one of the Old Colorado Library activities, the first of the Westside Highway 24 meetings, the OWN picnic, Founders' Day, the Cemetery Crawl, the Old Colorado City Associates' Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast with Santa... the list goes on and on.
       The point is that we see the role of a newspaper differently here than do the formula newspapers out there. My priority isn't to "dig out dirt" (though I won't shy away if I find it), nor to be politically correct, nor to assume an ivory-tower aloofness that would keep me from feeling the rhythm of the community I live in. Rather, I see this newspaper in the role it has taken - as part of the glue that holds the community together.
       I also wrote last January that I felt it was a privilege to publish a newspaper for the Westside. How true it was... and still is.

- K.J.