COBWEB CORNERS: Things we remember

By Mel McFarland

       One of the things this column does is remind us of things to remember. Our community has very many things to remember. This is the time of year we reflect on the past. There are names that mean a lot to those of us who have been here a while.
       I have fun looking around, reminding you all of things that once were, and what things happened here and there. History is happening every day. Some of us even remember the days before the construction of the Midland Expressway, which some are calling Costilla. Some of us remember the open field where Uintah Gardens sits, even before it was called Uintah.
       Some of us remember the old grocery store at Colorado and 21st, the Safeway where Goodwill sells their wares, Cy's on Colorado Avenue or Clark's gas station, the "old' post office, and Howard's Pit Barbecue's first location - or even Howard's first restaurant, when the closest McDonald's was on Eighth Street - the 8th Street Drive In, and the list can go on and on. These memories, whether last week or last year, are part of our history. Someday, when our children are our age, the children then will not know many of these things, but it will all be part of our history.
       There are plenty more names around here that were, and still are important to our history. What names can you think of that are important to you? Here are a few more, Cupp's Cottages, Merri-Lane Restaurant, Schoch's Hardware, Rogers Bar, AA Rubber Stamps, White Spot Drive In, Out West Printing Company, Pikes Peak Photo, Golden Flake Potato Chips, Crow's Second Hand Furniture. How about when Pikes Peak Community College got started here on the Westside?
       Hopefully, these ring a bell for you. In the next year I'll try to bring up more stories that have memories for you. Some of these are meant to be good; unfortunately, not all will be. I hope you look forward to these meetings. I know word of our little newspaper is spreading, as I get more comments on my column. See you next year…