Not too late to see the lights

       Bunny Blaha, who led an Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) Christmas lights contest over the holidays, has shared a list of older-Westside addresses that she thinks had particularly good displays:

One of the shinier Christmas light displays on the Westside this season can be found at 301 N. 15th St.
Westside Pioneer photo

       424 N. Spruce St.
       436 N. Walnut St.
       618 Cooper
       747 Manitou Blvd
       1221 W. Colorado
       1119 W. Pikes Peak
       1121 W. Pikes Peak
       1330 W. Pikes Peak
       1321 W. Kiowa
       620 W. Platte
       3 S. 13th St.
       116 S. 13th St.
       301 N. 15th St.
       122 S. 16th St.
       211 N. 24th St.
       2702 W. Uintah
       810 A & B Columbine
       840 Columbine
       2106 Glenn St.
       311 Pearl St.
       2822 King St.
       Blaha added that the winners in OWN's contest will be listed in the quarterly OWN newsletter that will be mailed to residents of the older Westside in January.

Westside Pioneer/press release