EDITORíS DESK: The real reason for making five years

       OK, this is the column I've been waiting for. Our five-year anniversary. Yes! Funny, the time we've spent putting out this paper seems on the one hand like almost no time at all and on the other hand like a lifetime or more. But I don't want to dwell on our history. I talked about it some in our four-year issue a year ago and frankly, if I really did know how many words I've tapped out in how many stories, or how many minutes at how many meetings and the pages of notes I've taken, or if Therese could recall how many times she's walked through businesses' front doors or cleaned up ads in Photoshop or found typos in my turgid text, well, I think all that would amount to far more than we'd care to contemplate.
       What I'd rather talk about is the true reason we're still publishing today, heading toward year number six. And that reason is you all out there. In a cynical time, amid a tidal wave of publications that have no purpose other than profit, and in a technological reality where supposedly everyone is reading the Internet instead of paper, you took the time to give us a chance. You cared enough about where you live to see if this little Westside Pioneer meant it when it said it had "news for your part of town."
       There are plenty of issues lying before us. The Bear Creek Nature Center, the myriad of infill projects, the Highway 24 expansion, our independent businesses struggling in tight economic times... and what's to become of our Westside neighborhood schools? In the weeks (and yes, years) ahead, we'll sort through what happens, try to find the key facts and report them clearly.
       But for now, let me digress for one heartbeat more. Come if you can to our party at the History Center Jan. 11 at 2:30 p.m. Come for food or to see friends. And so Therese and I can thank you.

- K.J.