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Letter: Critique of the 4 Pikes Peak Summit House options

       Thank you for sharing such a clear and concise compilation of the four different designs ["Online public survey available on options for new Pikes Peak Summit House"], posted on the Westside Pioneer website Dec. 7, 2015]. I grew up in Colorado Springs, admiring and hiking that mountain many times over.
       In my opinion: The first building option is not good because it takes many visitors (flatlanders) up the cog and then they must "hike" the grand staircase just to get into the building. They will not be able to breathe or enjoy the experience.
       Option 2 is not my favorite as there is not much balcony space connected to the building for going outside and taking in the views and photography.
       Option 3 is a little weird in the design, and I am not fond of the idea that you must go through a corridor before seeing the views. I do like that it is designed for the wind and weather up there. I also like that when visitors arrive off the cog they can access the restrooms without having to go upstairs first.
       The fourth option is my favorite as it takes in beautiful views in an amazing architectural building. There is ample space outside to walk around. I like it that all visitors enter from a primary entrance. There is also plenty of windows to take in the views if there is inclement weather.
       I hope this helps in the decision making process and best of luck!

       Wendy DeWitt

(Posted 12/28/15; Opinion: Letters)

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