Meet a Westside Pioneer!
Dick Strauch

What kind of career have you had? I worked for my Dad at FloorCraft during summers while going to school. In 1963, I went to Santa Maria, CA and worked at Columbia Records doing data processing. Came back here in 1964 and worked at City Utilities, Ampex and Federal Civil Service where I retired in 1999.

Can you tell us about your marriage? I married my high school sweetheart, Patty Snyder, Feb. 8, 1964, in California.

Did you have children? Grandchildren? Two daughters, Lisa Strauch and Tina Wisler. Two grandchildren, Erica and Zach Miller. Erica is a freshman at Coronado, and Zach is in fourth grade at Chipeta.

Any of your family members still here? All of my children are here in town. My oldest brother, Bob, is here during the summer and for Christmas, but my two sisters and one brother do not live here.

Can you tell us about your parents? My parents, Kelly and Larry Strauch, moved here from Minnesota about 1942. My dad was partners with George Hen-derson in S&H Linoleum. Dad later started FloorCraft in the back of Ace Liquor Store on the corner of Walnut and Colorado Avenue; it later moved to 21st and Colorado.

What are your best memories of growing up on the Westside? Playing in the Garden of the Gods in the summer and sledding down 33rd Street in the winter. Dad would tie a rope to the bumper of his truck and put all us kids on our sleds back up the hill. Oh, by the way, the police didnít have a problem with it back then.

What is gone from the Westside now that you wish had stayed? Schochís Hardware. They had anything you ever needed and something you didnít even know you needed. I loved going in there.

What has stayed that you wish had gone? Nothing, I love the Westside. Itís like a small town, people are so friendly and help each other out.

How about the way things have changed? I donít care for all the traffic, but itís still a whole lot better than the other parts of Colorado Springs.

Overall, is the Westside better or worse than when you were a kid here? I think itís better for the most part. We have more stores to shop in and a better varity to choose from which means I donít have to go on the other side of town as much.

ďMeet a Westside PioneerĒ interviews people who were born, raised and still live on the Colorado Springs Westside. If you meet that criteria (or know someone who does), please give us a call at 471-6776.