Lighting the way in Pleasant Valley

       The winners in the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association Christmas Lights Contest are shown (clockwise from top left): Terry Schorock, 1334 Chambers Drive; Robyn Simnioniw, 3044 W. Willamette Ave.; Brad Zaiger, 1006 Adams Drive; and Randy Saine, 3150 W. Platte Ave. The Saine display has a historical background. Saine first saw this fiberglass nativity scene outside a Colorado Springs funeral home as a child about 40 years ago. Wanting to own a full-size nativity in later years, Saine answered a classified ad and found the display he remembered. The star goes back more than 70 years to the old Clark gas station in the 2700 block of West Colorado Avenue. Norm and Luana Clark put the star on the hillside when they lived in Pleasant Valley, then left it to Saine when they moved to Manitou in 1993. He has since changed the bulb color to red and added the tailing lights.

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