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In memoriam: Russ Chapman, advocate of broader Red Rock Canyon access

The late Russ Chapman was photographed in 2005 at a locked gate to a road that leads from a Red Rock Canyon Open Space parking lot into the park's interior. The location was chosen because of Chapman's advocacy for motorized access so that disabled people like himself would not feel shut out of Red Rock. Chapman was also on oxygen at this time of his life although, as he noted, he had never smoked.
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       Russell R. "Russ" Chapman, a lifelong Colorado Springs resident who'd lived on the Westside for many years, passed away Dec. 18.
       He was 89.
       Services will be at the Garden of the Gods Club, 3320 Mesa Road, Saturday, Jan. 10 from 1 to 3 p.m. The mortuary is Shrine of Remembrance.
       Mr. Chapman was a retired executive with Martin Marietta and Rockwell International and managed two local radio stations. He graduated from Palmer High School and the University of Colorado and served in the Army Air Corps during World War II.
       In recent years, Mr. Chapman had been an advocate for a regular tram into Red Rock Canyon Open Space so that physically limited people like himself (wheelchair-bound in his later years) would have as much chance to enjoy its beauty as other taxpaying citizens. Westside Pioneer research showed that even Red Rock trails meant for wheelchairs had erosion issues. City Parks officials expressed interest in Chapman's proposal, but it never came to fruition. The most recent Westside Pioneer article on the access question appeared in the edition of April 11, 2013.
       Mr. Chapman was married to Anna Lou Meyer for 35 years, later divorced. He is survived by their three daughters, Kym, Karen and Kelly, and 10 grandchildren. He is also survived by his brother, C. William.
       He was preceded in death by his parents, Charles and Grace, and two sisters, Coralyn and Grace.

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(Posted 12/24/14; Community: In Memoriam)

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