OWN holds first workday for trail/creek segment

       Despite temperatures in the 20s, four board members from the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN), along with three area residents, turned out for OWN's first workday Dec. 17 on its adopted sections of Fountain Creek and the Midland Trail.

Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) board member Brad Collins rakes a plastic sheet out of Fountain Creek during the OWN workday Dec. 17 on its adopted segment of the creek and Midland Trail.
Westside Pioneer photo

       “We got six bags of trash, a sleeping bag, a golf bag, and part of a shopping cart,” said board member Chris Baum.
       As for the two Safeway carts in Fountain Creek below the 26th Street bridge (pictured on the front page of the Dec. 15 Westside Pioneer), “they were frozen in and wouldn't budge,” Baum reported.
       The older-Westside advocacy group has adopted the side-by-side trail and creek segment between 27th and 25th streets.
       OWN President Welling Clark said he is hopeful of having similar workdays at least every other month.
       The Midland Trail in that area was built this year.

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