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Letter: Editor's Desk column criticizing implicit bias 'spot on'

       Your article is spot on ["Editor's Desk: Implicit Bias? Why Stop There," posted on the Westide Pioneer website Dec. 18, 2015].
       My girlfriend and I discuss this topic frequently and we have pretty much the same views. We assess (apply bias to) people based on their behaviors, actions and words, not by their racial, ethnic, or religious affiliations.
       The whole argument of implicit bias is rigged. It is designed to put us in some sort of a no-win situation if we have an opinion that does not line up with someone else's. We see folks who use these phrases (excuses) as "playing the victim" rather than taking personal responsibility.
       You touched on implicit bias and micro-aggression, but "check your privilege'" is another phrase that is designed to silence any opinion or discussion that doesn't fit the narrative.
       Sure, we have biases ingrained from our experiences in life. That doesn't preclude us from using our brains to formulate fair choices and opinions.

       Eric Schmidt

(Posted 12/26/15; Opinion: Letters)

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