EDITOR’S DESK: ‘Tis the season...

       I look out my window and see a winter wonderland. And then I read a press release that says El Paso County has been delared a Disaster Area. I guess it's all perspective. People stuck in snowdrifts or waiting for roads to open so they can get home are not very likely to enjoy a theme about how grand it will be to have a white Christmas.
       And yet...
       Here on the Westside - apparently the banana belt of this blizzard - I think it's kind of important that Christmas comes in fine fashion this year. It's been a difficult year for our part of the world in some ways. Don't get me started on Highway 24, or the Gold Camp Road decision, or revocable permits, or ugly infill, or Westside (non) concerts, or 24th and Colorado, or the Coca-Cola plant leaving, or the Simpiches retiring, or the east-west blockade that I-25 is about to become.
       Christmas, among other things, is a time to remember good stuff. I know, from a historical standpoint, that the date was supposedly chosen arbitrarily, to give people a festival during the (literally) darkest days of the year. But Christmas seems to work well that way. I also like that it's near the end of the year; it provides a good opportunity to reflect on the months gone by, without the New Year's pressure to start coming up with a better plan for the next 12.
       So here's to our excellent parades (St. Patrick's and Coronado's), and to the concert that did happen (Jefferson Starship), and to Rock Ledge Ranch's continued upswing, and to Pike Elementary's 50th and Buena Vista's 95th, and to the skedaddling of Walgreen's from the 3000 block of West Colorado, and to you mom-and- pop businesses hanging in there and you citizens doggedly showing up up at the Highway 24 meetings (no matter how painful), and you volunteers keeping OWN and the History Center going. Let's have ourselves a white Christmas. And God bless us, every one.

- K.J.