Utilities work closes Kiowa’s 3300 block

       Kiowa Street between 33rd Street and Red Rock Avenue will be closed to through traffic for up to a month because of utilities work.
       According to Mike Kelso of City Engineering, part of the effort includes boring a hole through granite for a Colorado Springs Utilities sewer line. The line would connect with a duplex development in progress in the 3300 block of West Kiowa.
       Other utilities (electricity, water and gas) are also being connected to the development, according to Andrew Pinello of Springs Utilities. He added that he did not expect the street to be closed at all times during the month, saying closures would probably be “intermittent,” depending on the work demands.
       The West Kiowa project has been controversial in the past year because of its proximity to red rock formations, survey questions and drainage issues with downhill residents. Of the planned five duplex buildings and single-family house on the 1-acre-plus property, two of the buildings are under construction.

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