Volunteers requested for Ivywild baskets

       Ivywild Elementary staff and volunteers will assemble donated items for more than 50 needy school families starting at 9 a.m. Friday, Dec. 22 in the school's 19th annual Christmas Basket Project.
       Anyone can help out with the effort, in which baskets are filled with a variety of useful household goods along with wrapped presents for kids. Ivywild is at 1604 South Cascade Ave.
       Items for the baskets are donated from area businesses, churches and school staffers themselves, according to staff member/event organizer Marilyn Eggleston.
       Potential recipients are identified during the fall semester by school staff, and the school calls those families to see if they would like to get a basket.
       Ivywild, serving much of the lower downtown area, has one of the highest poverty rates in District 11.
       For more information, call Eggleston at 328-4355.

Westside Pioneer/press release