EDITOR'S DESK: Some issues arenít so obvious

       Some issues have a way of seeming very clear-cut. For instance, the historic overlay zone that the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) has been working on. What could make more sense? A voluntary zone, with guidelines to help property owners understand the best options for fixing up great old properties, and the result is a more historically preserved Westside. Another example is the state-proposed Highway 24 expansion. Ever since I saw the plans showing a pavement footprint at least twice the width of what we have now, I knew there had to be a better way. Then there was the relocation of the St. Patrick's Day Parade last year. Though I'll defend to the death the O'Donnells' right to take it downtown, that doesn't mean they should have done it.
       But then there are the issues that don't fall into neat little cubbyholes. We have a couple like that this edition. The police helicopter quandary is one. On the plus side is the invaluable support cop choppers can provide in certain situations. On the negative side is the cost and the lack of enthusiasm by the police themselves. Even the citizenry seems split. For every person feeling safer when a CSPD whirlybird flies overhead, my guess is there's another mourning the loss of the "small-town feel." And what about the Uintah Bluffs development? The Craddocks are a respected development family on the Westside, and they want a project that's compatible with the older Westside. But 57 units, all coming and going at that tight turn on Manitou Boulevard? And what about the slope issues?
       Anyway, with more information, which appears to be in the offing some of the uncertainties may get cleared up on both of these issues. An open mind is a good thing. Except there's this one other issue I'm definitely not going to change my mind about... Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

- K.J.