CHS aud to open before '08-'09 year

       A District 11 official this week reiterated a recent pledge to have the new Coronado High auditorium ready for students when the 2008-09 school year begins next August.
       “It will definitely be done when school starts,” said Terry Johns, the auditorium project manager. Although adding the words “knock on wood,” he pointed out that after the contractor had to tear down three of the four walls of the old auditorium, “we're pretty much starting with a brand new building, so there's not much chance for more surprises.”
       The Westside Pioneer asked Johns about the project schedule in response to a letter in an area publication stating as fact that construction would now continue into the next school year.
       The district had extended the expected completion date to July '08 last month, after the most recent of several project delays, this one requiring the new exterior walls. A preliminary schedule a year ago had anticipated the school's auditorium being done as early as this month.

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