Several Parks fees/charges going up in ‘10

       Several park or community center fees have been added or increased for 2010.
       “Due to the signficant budget reductions occurring in 2010, the [Parks] Department evaluated its various programs and facilities for enhanced revenue opportunities as well as one hundred percent cost recovery scenarios,” states a memo by City Parks Director Paul Butcher to City Council in late November. “Revisions to the 2010 fees and charges reflect the results of this evaluation.” The following are those affecting the Westside:
       West Center
  • New: rental fees. for use of the kitchen ($50 for-profits and non-profits), a room ($40 for-profits, $35 non-profits), gym ($40 for either) and entire facility ($135 for- profits, $80 non-profits); Belly Dance ($35); Weight Training ($35); Ceramics ($30); Adult Badminton ($18).
  • Increased: Summer Quest ($205 to $295); Summer Blocks, T-T ($65 to $90); Summer Blocks, M-W-F ($90 to $120); Winter Quest ($18 to $30); After School Drop-in ($1.75/day to $2/day); Spring Break, M-F ($40 to $60); Rock Ledge Ranch Early Childhood M-W-F ($145 to $160); Introduction to Boxing ($20 to $28), Exercise ($30 to $35); Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chen ($30 to $35); Line Dance I and II ($16 to $25).
           Park use
  • Minor park reservation for group of 100 or less ($60 to $75); picnic reservation for small pavilion ($60 to $75); picnic reservation for large pavilion ($60 to $125)
           The increases at West and the three other community centers - which are only guaranteed to remain open through the end of March - were raised “to the level staff believes the market will bear,” Butcher's memo adds. “Additional funding efforts for the community centers will focus on the development of partnerships within the community.”
           Other increases - citywide but likely to affect many Westsiders -include fees for youth and adult sports (with some less popular programs eliminated altogether), for the use of Sertich Center and City Auditorium and for tree inspections (the latter of which used to be free but will now cost $50).
           A few fees have gone up at the Senior Center to cover program costs, but “the center will primarily fund itself through gift trust funds and endowment accounts,” Butcher's memo states.

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