Close to 1,000 visit Rock Ledge for Holiday Evenings event Dec. 11-12

       Between 800 and 1,000 people was the estimated attendance at Rock Ledge Ranch's “Holiday Evenings” Dec. 11 and 12.
       “It was very good compared to last year,” said Diana Francese, a board member of the ranch's volunteer Living History Association, which provided the bulk of the manpower for the annual event.
       She credited the relatively mild weather this year for the improvement.
       The event, lasting four hours each night, offered a range of activities at the 1880s-style working ranch, with the pathways between the different buildings lined with luminarios (candles inside bags).
       “Several volunteers, that's all they did - go around and light and re-light them,” Francese said.
       Among the activities were wagon rides, live music, a barn dance, blacksmithing demonstrations, outdoor candle-making, caroling, tours, and displays of old-time Christmas in the different houses.
       The city-owned ranch is in the Garden of the Gods.

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