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Award-winning Coronado High School choir continues successes; 2 photos from Holiday Concert

       The Shomber Choir (above) and Cantadoras (below) perform at the Coronado High School Choir's Holiday Concert Dec. 16 in the school auditorium. Conducting is Coronado choir director Jeff Hodur. The Shomber Choir combines members of the Show and Chamber choirs. Also performing Dec. 16 were his Bluenotes, Repertory Choir and Men's Choir.
       The choir program has garnered state and national awards during Hodur's 12 years teaching at Coronado. In the past two years, the Show Choir has been selected as one of the top three in competition against all high schools in the state (regardless of size).
       Coronado also typically has more students selected to the All-state Choir than other high schools in the region - which was true again this year, according to Hodur. Those selectees are: Stephen Bauers, Kelly Conn, April Getz, Asael Gonzalez, Michaela Gotwald, Sami King, Nicole Louis, Katherine Parker, Tracey Jaron and Moriah Yeh.
       Hodur himself is a Coronado High graduate (1996).
       “One of the main reasons we have so much success is I teach 'music' first and 'choir' second,” he said, when asked about his teaching strategy. “We spend a lot of time working on fundamentals, sight-reading, music theory and training our ears. Ironically this helps my students learn music faster and sing more accurately. So, because we spend 'less' time working on our concert music we are more prepared for our concerts.”
Caption and photos by Westside Pioneer (posted 12/20/14; Schools: Coronado High School)

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