Information nights for gifted students in D-11 during ‘choice window’

       Two informational meetings will be offered on successive nights in January (the 9th and 10th) for parents looking for middle schools for their gifted children.
  • Jan. 9 at 6:30 p.m. - Representatives from West (SAIL program), North (International Baccalaureate program) and Holmes (gifted students differentiated in regular classrooms) will be on hand in the Coronado High School cafeteria, 1590 W. Filllmore St.
           There will be 10-minute presentations, followed by a half-hour of questions, according to Anne Wolf, who is the SAIL coordinator for West Middle School as well as District 11's SAIL elementary schools.
           It isn't necessary for parents considering schools at the middle school level to have had their children previously in the SAIL or IB programs in elementary school, she added.
  • Jan. 10 at 6:30 p.m. - Teachers and former students will lead an informational night for the SAIL program at West Middle School, 1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave. Invited are parents not only with incoming fifth-graders but also sixth- or seventh-graders, Wolfe explained.
           District 11 parents are allowed to choose schools outside their children's regular attendance areas during the so-called “choice window,” which started in November and will continue until Feb. 15.
           For more information, call 640-6622.

    Westside Pioneer/press release