Trail and creek adoptions
OWN workday Dec. 17

       The public is invited to join board members of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) when they hold their first workday Saturday, Dec. 17 as the adopters of both Fountain Creek and the Midland Trail between 25th and 27th streets.

Looking east, the Midland Trail goes past the baseball field at Vermijo Park. To the right (obscured by the trees) is Fountain Creek. This is part of the area that the Organization of Westside Neighbors has adopted.
Westside Pioneer photo

       “All are welcome,” said OWN President Welling Clark.
       The meeting place will be the parking lot just west of Vermijo Park, next to the community garden, at 9 a.m.
       The Westside advocacy group finalized both adoptions this fall, making it the second volunteer entity to do so for either the creek or the trail between Manitou and the downtown.
       According to city officials, the only other trail adopter is an RV retailer at Eighth Street (which maintains the section in front of its property). For the creek, the Gold Hill Mesa development takes care of the portion between 8th and 21st streets.
       OWN's Midland Trail section, paralleling the creek near and through Vermijo Park, was built by a City Parks contractor this year.
       OWN's main objectives in the adoptions, as spelled out for the city by its secretary, Chris Baum, are to:
  • Keep the place clean.
  • Alert the city quickly if anything untoward arises (homeless camps, graffiti, vandalism, excessive weeds).
  • Provide a presence that will discourage vagrants from settling in.
  • Look for improvements needed.

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