Trail and creek adoptions
Plenty of space available

       Colorado Springs welcomes adopters for sections of the Midland Trail and Fountain Creek. Information follows.
       Trail adoption: Any interested individual or group needs to first meet with the city on-site “to go over the particulars of the trail and what they can do to help us,” said Stacy Fritts of City Parks. “Trail corridor maintenance varies based on the type of trail.” An agreement with the city would require the adopters to contract for a year and to check the trail at least twice a month.
       Typical issues would include “trail grooming” and making sure the corridor has “appropriate corridor widths and heights in regards to vegetation,” Fritts said, adding that the department has “limited tools that volunteers can check out to help with their projects.”
       With construction work this year, the Midland Trail now goes west from America the Beautiful Park to connect to Manitou's Creek Walk Trail, with gaps only between 21st and 25th streets and Ridge Road and Columbia Road.
       For more information, contact Fritts at 385-6519 or
       Creek adoption: “Basi-cally, it's a two-year commitment with a 'loose' requirement of participating in at least two clean-ups a year,” explained Jeff Besse, city stormwater specialist. “Generally, the groups pick up trash and debris from the banks and surrounding area. We try to keep the volunteers out of the water, but that's difficult to do. The city provides trash bags, haul away service, and 'Adopted By:' signs.”
       For more information, contact Besse at 385-5566 or

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