Short-handed Guardian Angels pull back from Westside for time being

       The Guardian Angels have not been seen of late on the Westside, and the national crime-deterrent organization has no immediate plans to patrol here again.
       Gary Borum, who recently became coordinator of the Angels' Colorado Springs chapter, said the group currently has only five members, so it is confining its volunteer patrols to the business area along East Platte Avenue where it has been well-received by merchants over the past two years.
       However, he said the group would like to return to the Westside if it can recruit more people.
       Last January, the Angels met with the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) and several Westside citizens about problems with panhandling and indecent activities in the area of the Red Rock shopping center and a liquor store at 29th Street and Colorado Avenue.
       The Angels patrolled a few times last spring and early summer, but were also having a slow time with recruiting at that time, according to then-coordinator Peter Dempsey. Dempsey himself has transferred to Florida, Borum said.
       The Guardian Angels, known for their red jackets and red berets, are trained to prevent crime by making themselves highly visible in places where crimes are known to occur. They do not make arrests or try to physically intervene.
       Borom asked people who might be interested in training to become a Guardian Angel to call him at 473-7900.

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