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The Stellick Christmas lights shine in the gathering twilight. In the foreground is a sign advertising the Westside CARES donation request. The text blocks include quotes from Dr. Seuss ("The Grinch) and Jimi Hendrix.
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Family asks viewers of annual Christmas display to leave donations for Westside CARES

       A sizable Christmas display has gone up every year at 1218 N. Walnut St. for nearly a quarter-century, across two generations, and this year it's for a good cause.
       Bob and Michelle Stellick are asking that anybody who drops by to view their lights (four houses up from Uintah Street) pause to donate a can of food for Westside CARES.
       In a special feature Sunday night, Dec. 20, people from Rosco's (a near-Westside coffee shop) will join the charity effort from 5 to 8 p.m. with free coffee and cocoa for those who donate. But CARES donations will also be welcomed until early January, when the lights get taken down, Bob Stellick said.
       Supported by a consortium of more than 20 churches on the Westside and in Manitou, Westside CARES, 2808 W. Colorado Ave., provides emergency care to local needy.
       The Stellicks organized a fundraiser for the nonprofit agency several years ago and previously attended one of it member churches.
       “We know they do a good job,” Bob said.
       The house's display tradition was started by Bob's parents in 1991. Bob was a kid then, and helped with putting things up. When the folks left the house with Bob and Michelle five years ago, “Dad said, 'I'm leaving the lights,'” Bob recalled with a laugh.
       He added in a Dec. 21 e-mail that through the years the Stellicks have put up their lights in conjunction with their next-door neighbors to the north, the Kirks, who have been in their house for about 60 years.
       Most of the original Stellick strands of incandescent bulbs have since been changed out for LEDs. But one tradition hasn't changed: The members of the younger generation - Bob and Michelle have two daughters (12 and 14) - pitch in, just like their dad did.

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(Posted 12/18/15, updated 12/21/15; Community: Charitable)

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