EDITORíS DESK: Regarding that Dec. 18 meeting

       This utilization stuff has got to be nerve-wracking for people close to District 11 schools.
       Our story this edition on the Dec. 18 meeting focuses on the three considerations affecting Coronado High School's enrollment, but only because we'd detailed two weeks ago the proposed closures of Midland Elementary and West Middle School. Incidentally, if that happens, tears are sure to flow, because both those schools have long, long histories on the Westside... just as Whittier, Washington and Pike elementaries did before their sad shutdowns in 2009.
       Yet for now Midland/West supporters have to be careful not to get too worked up. Even D-11 Superintendent Nick Gledich has predicted that no more than 3 of the 12 "considerations" are likely to be green-lighted. All potentially sensible ideas need to be viewed in the public light, no matter how glaring and painful that light may be. But it's also true that while D-11 officials insist that the goal is improved instruction, such can't happen in current times without serious budget savings.
       So you Midland/West supporters - take deep breaths, make rational points and don't let your emotions get the best of you. Three years ago, many citizens ranted passionately, accusing school board members of callousness at even considering closing their beloved schools. I doubt that helped much. The board already knew such love exists and obviously that they couldn't please everybody.
       As a mere bystander (this time around), I have studied the maps, seeking alternatives. I don't like the two closures because I think they create more problems than they solve - for instance, orphaning the Midland neighborhood. The steady growth at Buena Vista Montessori isn't addressed, but should be. As for the high schools, Consideration #3 lets Coronado grow a little, lets Wasson stays alive, moves Galileo intact and gives the district one less building to run. A rare "win-win."

- K.J.