City sees Moreno Avenue sidewalk need, shies at cost

       A citizen-requested sidewalk on Moreno Avenue west of Eighth Street will not be built anytime soon.
       Although agreeing that the location gets “a lot of foot traffic,” Mike Chaves of City Engineering pointed out that the street slopes steeply up from Eighth, and any sidewalk would probably require a retaining wall. “It would be hard and expensive,” he said.
       One of the chief attractions for pedestrians on that part of Moreno is the Pikes Peak Mental Health facility, located on the street's south side. A noticeable number of its clientele take the city bus, get off on Eighth Street and walk up the hill to get there, an agency spokesperson said in an interview last August.
       A little farther up the hill is the Colorado Springs Police Gold Hill Substation, which has a sidewalk in front of it. But that's the last sidewalk between it and Eighth Street.
       The RV storage business part way up the north side of the street has been required to put sidewalk along its roughly 100-foot frontage as part of a city approval for a property development plan last summer.
       The city has to be judicious with the roughly $250,000 it has available annually to install missing sidewalks, Chaves ex-plained. And, the city has lots of citizen requests elsewhere “We're looking at it (Moreno), but there are places we can get a better bang for the buck,” he said.

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