Sentinel Ridge appeal postponed to January

       A neighborhood appeal to City Council on the Sentinel Ridge development proposal has been postponed to January.
       According to George Maentz of the Association of Mesa Neighborhoods, this was in response to a request from Rob Morey of the Sunrise Company (which has proposed the 88-home gated community on 28 acres southeast of Mesa Road and Fillmore Street).
       Morey has asked for additional time to study traffic alternatives around Holmes Middle School in conjunction with residents and the school, Maentz said.
       The tentative new hearing date will be either Jan. 13 or 27, he states in an e-mail.
       Maentz' association, along with the Friendship-Crescent-Mesa Neighbor-hood Association, are appealing City Planning Commission's approval of the Sentinel Ridge development proposal in September.
       Traffic is part of the appeal, along with the proposed removal of hillside and (partially) streamside overlay protection, which would allow extensive property grading. The traffic concern regards the proposed Sentinel access just north of Holmes. Neigh-bors have argued that this would worsen existing traffic problems during pick- up and drop-off times.
       A solution could greatly improve traffic congestion and student safety, Maentz said of the developer's proposal to study it further.

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