Stormwater Enterprise has earlier demise

       With City Council's decision this week to end the Stormwater Enterprise now instead of phasing it out over two years, a refund plan has been announced.
       “The Stormwater Enterprise will be refunding customer payments for those who paid 2010 fees in advance,” states a press release from city spokesperson Mary Scott. “Staff is working on an automated procedure to process refunds and will release information on when and how those refunds will be made as soon as it's available. We have also received inquiries from customers who would like to continue to contribute money to stormwater needs and staff is currently researching this possibility.”
       The quicker end to the enterprise was based on City Council's changed interpretation of voter intentions on Question 300 in the Nov. 3 local election. Last month, the city's elected officials had agreed to the two-year phase-out plan, but that position changed after discussion at the two council meetings this week.
       A major, ongoing Stormwater Enterprise project on the Westside, along Fountain Creek east of 21st Street, will be allowed to finish, Scott said. “The fund balance will allow for completion of that project and the one underway on Cottonwood Creek. At this point, staff is still working on determining the rest of the details, but there is no plan to halt any projects in construction.”
       No longer scheduled are major upgrades to the floodways of Camp Creek in Pleasant Valley and Douglas Creek west of Holland Park.

Westside Pioneer/press release