EDITOR’S DESK: Cold week for red-hot news

       What a week! Started out cold and snowy and stayed that way. Schools were closed or delayed. People were hard to reach - stuck in snow drifts or scraping windshields were expected excuses. For a while, I wondered if there would be any stories at all; I had visions of hanging out a sign: “Issue canceled due to weather.”
       But good old city government. It keeps on chugging along, no matter what the climate (or the budget). Now we find that the Stormwater Enterprise is shutting down right away, instead of being phased out. No big difference to the Westside (other than refunds to people who paid in advance) because the projects we would have had to control Camp Creek or Douglas Creek flooding were already crossed out for lack of money in the phase-out plan. Sad state of affairs, that. All of you who voted against 2C and for 300 - did you actually consider other options for funding such multimillion dollar necessities, or was the whole strategy all along just to assume city staff is untrustworthy and to figure that new faces in the next election (whoever they are) will automatically be better?
       The long-dormant West Kiowa Street duplex fiasco resurfaced this week. Sure, overlooking Certificate of Occupancy paperwork could happen to any developer, but why is it no surprise it happened on this project?
       Tough call by the RTA board on City Engineering's request. Lots of good reasons to say no, one good reason to have said yes: the city will lose a ton of smart and dedicated engineers.
       And of course I can't call it a week without at least a glance at City Council's response to the proposed no-camping ordinance. I just want to know where that compassion shop is, you know, the one that sells cloaks with the same self-righteous features as those worn by Tom Gallagher, Larry Small and the Gazette editorial department?

- K.J.