COBWEB CORNERS: Some of the early towns

By Mel McFarland

       I did a story recently about little towns around here. It is interesting how most, but not all, were started by the railroads.
       Towns grew up around particular spots for a variety of reasons, and only a few grew into large communities. Around here, there was a place called Hulbert. The Midland and Rio Grande tracks to Manitou met there. It never really was a town, but it was right where (nowadays) Eighth street crosses US 24. Not far away was Williams. It was a religious community behind what is now the Buena Vista Montessori school (formerly Washington). Our most famous community around here was Ramona, and I have mentioned Arensdale.
       There were a number of towns in northern Colorado Springs before the city grew that way. Breed is one I remember. It was on both the Rio Grande and Santa Fe railroads. It started about where Woodman Road and 1-25 meet. The former Current plant sits just to the east of it, Breed ran well into what is now the Air Force Academy. A building that was used as the Academy visitor center for quite a while was the last building actually built in Breed. A town called Husted was where the north entrance to the academy is now. Woodman was not really a town, but old-timers might be surprised to see the modern road that takes you there! Another town in that area was Pike View, which was actually a coal miners' community.
       There was a station on the Santa Fe called Pike View, but it was over a mile away from the "real" Pike View, which was near the power plant on North Nevada. Further east, if you know where to look, was Papetown. Some of the streets still have their Papetown names. People often wonder about the mismatching numbered streets. Not only that, there is no Fifth or Sixth street! Then there is Roswell, which did not become part of Colorado Springs until about 30 years ago. Before that there was Roswell City, which was west of Monument Creek in the 1890s.
       One of my favorites was Elsmere. It, like Roswell, was started by the Rock Island railroad. Today the area is called Cimarron Hills!