Pleasant Valley lights winners to be announced at Dec. 14 neighborhood social

       With numerous entries coming in late, Ron Wright has extended the deadline for entries in the Pleasant Valley Holiday Lighting Contest from Dec. 5 to Saturday, Dec. 11.
       “I think it's the cold weather (that delayed some of the entries),” said Wright, who is organizing the event as vice president of the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association (PVNA).
       Earlier this week, he said there were 15 entries across the four quadrants into which the Pleasant Valley neighborhood has been subdivided for the contest, with more coming in. “This thing is just taking off,” he said.
       Judging by a volunteer panel will take place over the weekend, and a winter neighborhood social is scheduled by the PVNA at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14 at Howbert Elementary to announce the winners.
       City Councilman Scott Hente has agreed to come to the social to help with the award presentations, Wright said. Each quadrant will have a first, a second and an honorable mention.
       A variety of awards - ranging from a convection oven to pizzas - have been donated by Westside merchants.
       “It's no big thing about being a winner,” Wright said. “This is just being neighborly and keeping things going.”

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