EDITORíS DESK: Kayaking, anyone?

       If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then we could debate the Fountain Creek drainage project into the night. Sure, there are other issues in that project, like why the original plan - the one that the city used for the SCIP election - got scrapped almost as soon as the election was over. And could the resulting changes, namely the tree removal and the altered financial scope, have been made more clear to citizens? Definitely.
       But in the end, what seems to be the sticking point for most people is what the creek west of the Eighth Street bridge looks like. True enough, the area was once a near forest, and now it's more like a prairie. But it's also true that trees from a distance are not always quite so pretty up close. City Engineering describes finding tree roots so tangled that it was well nigh impossible to remove one trash tree from the creek bed without removing them all.
       So maybe it wouldn't hurt to "behold" the work from closer up before deciding that it lacks any beauty whatsoever.
       In any case, one thing that struck me as I researched this article was the basic openness of the city. Maybe engineers aren't masters of public relations; maybe their pursuit of a perfect drainage solution will not be perceived by all as either perfect or even a solution. But the work at the very least seems to have been done in good faith and in a professional manner, and a case can be made for its long-term effectiveness. Oh yeah, and - see Page 1 article - they didn't try to sneak in a kayak run.

- K.J.