Goodwill workers make wishes as move from Old Town nears

       In the movie, “The Bucket List,” two terminally ill men try to fulfill some heart-felt wishes before they die.

Keri Funkhouse of Goodwill Industries stands in front of the wall that allows employees to pin up "bucket" or "wishing wall" desires.
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       In a Goodwill Industries meeting room, employees have their own “bucket list” - a wall where they can pin notes stating things they'd like to do before the company completes its planned relocation from Old Colorado City by mid-2012.
       The break room also has a “wishing wall,” next to the bucket list area, where employees can express hopes for the new location on Garden of the Gods Road.
       There's incentive to participate: Goodwill is grant-ing four wishes a month, two from each side (with the new-location wishes to be granted when the move is complete).
       “It's kind of silly” said Keri Funkhouser, a Goodwill communications specialist who came up with the moral-boosting idea, which started in September. “We take a dart, and we throw it at the board.” The monthly participants include Goodwill CEO Karla Grazier and members of the nonprofit's volunteer support community. “It's been exciting, a way to engage everyone,” Funkhouser added.
       Many of the bucket list requests have involved activities in Old Colorado City, such as going to one of its restaurant, riding in a carriage or taking an art class.
       Some requests are harder to fulfill than others. For example, one hope is that people could learn sign language. Another asks for a “supermodel.” Laura Marth, also in Goodwill communications, laughed at that one. “We'll do everything within our means.”
       The idea evolved from the reality that Goodwill has been a presence in the 2300 block, just east of the main Old Colorado City shopping district, for about half a century. “We feel like we're a part of the community,” Funkhouser said. “We all love the Westside and the businesses that support us. It's been really great for us.”

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