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Westside incident in Colorado Springs police blotter sounds like a TV crime show

       A wild incident, resembling an action scene from a TV crime show, recently happened on and near the Westside.
       Based on the police report, it involved a robbery victim who was bravely determined not to let the perpetrator get away with it.
       Because of privacy concerns and a potential court case, the names have been changed - as one former crime show used to say - “to protect the innocent.”
       Below is the sequence of events, according to the report filled out by a city police officer that appeared in the Colorado Springs Police Department's online blotter.
       “Bob” was robbed at gunpoint one evening in the 900 block of North 19th Street. The robber, “Ted,” was known to Bob, who gave chase. “Bob caught up with [Ted] on Interstate 25 and intentionally rammed [his] vehicle,” the report relates.
       At that point, Ted “pulled over and attempted to flee on foot.” Bob ran after him while Ted “fired several shots” at him, the report continues.
       “Fortunately,” the reporting officer adds circumspectly, “no one was injured.”
       The blotter entry concludes that “officers were eventually able to locate the suspect and take him into custody for aggravated robbery and attempted first-degree assault. The suspect was transported and booked into CJC [the Criminal Justice Center downtown].”
       The CSPD blotter - which only shows selected incidents, chosen at the discretion of the police - can be viewed at springsgov.com/units/police/policeblotter.asp.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 12/13/15; Community: Public Safety)

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