Highway 24: Prioritize preservation
       The Highway 24 Working Group meeting was cancelled last night [Nov. 29], but I would like to share some of my ideas with you.
       I believe that preserving the unique character of the Westside should be the highest priority in designing changes to Highway 24. Old buildings, quiet neighborhoods, mountain views and nostalgia in the area west of 21st Street attract tourists. Van Briggle Pottery, the Ghost Town Museum and the Pioneer statue are the first tourist attractions encountered by motorists traveling west on Highway 24. They should be preserved. An interchange near or around these landmarks would be incongruent with the old-time feel that attracts tourists.
       Most of the current traffic on 21st Street comes from the new housing south of Highway 24 and east of 21st Street. We all know that the Gold Hill Mesa development south of Highway 24 between 8th and 21st streets will bring new houses, retail stores and more traffic. Instead of routing that traffic onto 21st Street, I think the CDOT engineers should work with the Gold Hill Mesa engineers to design an interchange between 8th and 21st streets that gives full access to the Gold Hill development, diverts Gold Hill Mesa traffic from 8th and 21st streets, and does not damage houses or businesses north of Highway 24.
       If traffic was diverted from 21st Street, the corner of 21st and Highway 24 could remain a charming entrance to the nostalgia and tourist attractions found along the Highway 24 corridor from 21st Street to Pikes Peak.

Geraldine Kirkmeyer

Patsy’s: Other family members help
       We loved the article [“Niswonger family marks 50 years of producing Patsy's Candies”] in the Westside Pioneer Nov. 30, but would like to mention a few more family members who come very often to help us at the factory - our daughter Christine and son-in-law Mike Farrell and our three granddaughters, France, Bella and Eva. Patsy's has always been a very close-knit family business! Thanks again for the great article!

Annette Niswonger