EDITORíS DESK: A newspaper for Coronado

       Best wishes to the staff members of the new Coronado High student newspaper as they get ready to launch the first issue of the Cougar Chronicle next week.
       I can imagine, thinking back to my days as a high school journalist, what's involved for them as they try to balance academics, sports, jobs and volunteer activities with this new, timeconsuming entity called a newspaper. It can be fun, and it can be eye-opening. Like the time I wrote, in all innocence, that our football team's punter seemed to get off kicks so adroitly because he appeared afraid of the behemoths rushing toward him. He was not too pleased to read that about himself, as you might imagine, but at least he never carried out his threats to substitute me for the football.
       Coronado certainly seems to have used excellent insight in this whole endeavor of bringing back a student paper after nearly a decade without one. Rather than just open the door and say "Y'all can put out a paper now," Principal Susan Humphrey decided to lay the groundwork by setting up journalism classes and seeing what kind of talent and interest would appear - kind of like planting seeds in good soil. Those "sprouts," as it were, have now grown into these pioneering editors - eager to give a publishing voice back to students - plus there's a class of Journalism 1 students coming up behind them that will hopefully produce more of the same next year and the years after that.
       Though I've been in this business for many years, I never consider myself an "expert." The only advice I gave the Chronicle editors was to go out of their way to be fair and above board with anyone they talk to for stories. This is especially true with issues where hard questions have to be asked. True, there is the public's right to know, but there is also the right of those in the public eye to be treated like human beings.

- K.J.