Meet a Westsider:
Lucy Papanier

Profession/Occupation... Team leader of member care at MyHealthFunds.

What I like most about the Westside is... the homey feeling.. The relaxed small town atmosphere.

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... to stop building new homes in Gold Hill Mesa.

A good movie Ive seen recently is... Wild Hogs. My husband is a biker and I thought the movie was right on. Especially the part about the new bikers. Ive actually seen that almost happen in real life.

The worst advice Ive ever gotten was... Dont do that. I think it was my mom that said that a long time ago.

If I could meet someone famous, Id like to meet... I cant choose one, there are quite a few. Eleanor Roosevelt, JFK, Bobby Kennedy (I saw the movie, Bobby, by Emelio Estevez and it was amazing!), and John Lennon are just a few that Id like to have met.

The next time I travel, Im going to... Wherever my little heart desires. There are just too many places. Because I love history, I read a lot about different countries and parts of them, like Rome and the Pyramids. England, Scotland and Ireland part of my heritage is there.

My favorite childhood memory is... smelling lilacs in late May. My mom had huge flower gardens and we had several large lilac bushes. I grew up in Manitou Springs and have lived on the Westside for 4 1/2 years.

My favorite fall pastime is... playing in the leaves and football!

Something good Ive read is.. I use the Internet quite a bit for research for my job in health care. I also use the Internet to read about and research topics that Im interested in, for example, the life of Henry VIII (the Tudors) and his eight wives.

My pet peeve is... people that say one thing and do another.

If I won the lottery, Id... pay off our home and car loans, and then help our kids and grandchildren.

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