Work on 3 lots in new subdivision on Mesa Rd.

       A four-lot subdivision - which includes an existing house at 1770 Mesa Road - is going in on the south side of Mesa, south of 19th Street.
       The property belongs to the Whitney family, which has owned it “for years,” according to David Whitehead of Leigh Whitehead & Associates, the project consultant.
       The recent work that has affected traffic along both Mesa and 19th was needed to tap into a sewer line part way up 19th and install curb and gutter, he said.
       Each of the properties is close to 2 acres in size, according to El Paso County Assessor's Office records. However, no cut and fill will be needed in creating the new lots, according to Whitehead. He noted that “most” of the acreage will become a “preservation area.”
       Another public amenity in the subdivision will be the upgrading of the Palmer-Mesa Trail along Mesa Road. It had used the road shoulder along the roughly 1,000- foot Whitney property frontage, but will now be “improved to Parks Department trail standards,” said White-head.
       The three new lots should be ready for use by the end of December, he predicted. The existing 2,400-square-foot house was built in 1949.
       The subdivision address numbers (going south from the corner of 19th and Mesa) are 1810, 1790, 1770 (the current house) and 1750, the Assessor's records show.

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