B&B Tour raises $1,655 for History Center

       The 13th annual Holiday Bed & Breakfast Tour earned $1,655 for the Old Colorado City History Center Dec. 2.
       “That was just $155 over the budget I predicted,” said Dave Hughes, the treasurer for the Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS), a volunteer group that owns and operates the center.
       The four-hour tour allowed ticket-buyers to stroll through seven area B&Bs, including two on the Westside (Old Town Guest House and Andy & Pat's Our Hearts Inn).
       Last year the tour earned nearly $2,300, but Hughes said that was an “aberration” because of a singular ticket-selling effort by Sallie Clark of the Holden House B&B. This year, Clark still sold some tickets although her location was not part of the tour. As a result, Hughes planned the program budget for the more typical total of $1,500, he explained.
       Don Wicks, who owns the Guest House with his wife Shirley, estimated that about 100 people came through their place.
       It was the first time in several years that the B&B had been on the tour and the first time since the Wicks bought it two years ago. “We were very pleased,” he said. “It was well worth the effort to have the place gussied up. People seemed to appreciate the chance to come in and look around, and it was nice to help out the History Center.”

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