30th/Navigators work completed

       The Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) has completed a $77,000 safety project on 30th Street, next to the Navigators entrance and the parking lot for the Blair Bridge public open space area.
       The project, one of the smallest on the original RTA “A” list for new projects, was primarily designed to allow safer left turns from northbound 30th into the Navigators and Glen Eyrie facilities. The bulk of the work occurred in November.
       “It will be safer to go around [the left-turners],” said Colleen Dawson of Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering, which planned the project. The work included smoothing out the northbound shoulder to make it easier for cars go around the right side of cars making left turns there, and painting a stripe 14 feet into the lot to denote the width of the shoulder.
       In addition, Dawson said the project improved the parking lot, which is now paved and has better drainage. The lot also provides access to the Foothills and Palmer- Mesa multiuse trails.

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