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Free presentation on honey ants at Garden of the Gods Visitor Center Dec. 16

       A rare type of ant, initially seen by scientists in the Garden of the Gods, will be the subject of a presentation by Bret Tennis, the park's operations administrator, Friday, Dec. 16.
       His free talk on “The Amazing Honey Ants” will be in the Red Rocks Room of the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center at 10 a.m.
       Found chiefly in the American Southwest, honey ants are so-named because of their ability to store honey for the hive inside themselves.
       “American Indians knew about them,” Tennis elaborated, “but they were first scientifically described in the Garden of the Gods.”
       A featured aspect of his presentation will be on the “super-organization” of the honey ants and how they function effectively as a colony, he said.
       Because of limited space, an RSVP is requested. For more information, call 219-0108.

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(Posted 12/7/16; Outdoors: Garden of the Gods)

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