Surplus City site sold; to become bookstore
500 pallets of books to ship from Michigan

       The west half of the former Surplus City building, 2752 W. Colorado Ave. which includes a wall believed to be the oldest in the city, has been sold to a Michigan man who plans to run a bookstore.
       “I'm awfully glad we closed on it [just before Thanksgiving],” said previous owner Dave Lippincott, “It will be a neat addition to the Westside.”
       The owner's name is Mike Riordan (purchased under the legal title of Bitzer Family LLC). He reportedly plans to truck in 500 pallets of books. “There's going to be a few semis coming out here,” Lippincott said.
       The purchase price was $850,000.
       The building dates back to the 1860s - at least its stucco/brick west wall - according to local historian Mel McFarland. Other portions go back to the 1870s, with a major reconstruction in the 1930s, followed by a remodel for a lumberyard in 1954, he said.
       Riordan has also bought a house here, according to his new business neighbor, Tim Tafoya, who operates Old Colorado City Surplus, a retail and Internet-focused supply business at 2732 W. Colorado Ave.
       He and Riordan's store will share the parking lot behind the buildings, Tafoya said.
       When Lippincott ran Surplus City, it took up Tafoya's east half (just over 10,000 square feet) and, with a door through the thick wall between them, the west half (nearly 12,000 square feet, including up-stairs areas).
       Riordan's space ought to be “just right for the number of books he's got,” Lippincott said.
       Tafoya started his business in 2006, shortly after Lippincott (his former employer) closed Surplus City. After leasing at first, he bought the east half from Lippincott last summer.
       Tafoya said he's pleased that the west half will now be occupied. “I'm just glad to have a neighbor,” he said. “It's better for all of us. We've had vandalism, and a building just goes downhill when it's vacant.”
       Riordan, who is in the process of relocating to this area, has not yet announced an opening date.

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