Westside schools:
CHS video students active

       Coronado High School video students have been working on different projects.

Coronado High students Aaron Hartshorn (standing) and Kevin Kennedy are shown covering the CHS Homecoming Parade for KUGR- TV Sept. 26.
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       Aaron Hartshorn and Dillon Shinkle, part of the 12-member KUGR-TV staff that produces a weekly eight-minute closed-circuit news show for the school, recently worked in conjunction with the American Heart Association to film, edit and produce “Survivor Stories.” These films were shown Nov. 6 at the Colorado Springs “Go Red for Women Fundraiser Gala.”
       The 25-student video class has begun making a video for the El Paso County Assessor's Office, according to business teacher Dan Hoff, who advises both the video class and KUGR-TV. The video will go on the Assessor's website, showing how homes are assessed.
       KUGR-TV students also recently collaborated in a Junior Achievement marketing project requiring student involvement in storyboarding, acting and consultation. In September, the video was released to businesses and schools across the nation, Hoff said.
       The Coronado High School choirs will perform at the school auditorium, Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 7 p.m. Selected songs will be presented by the Repertory Choir, Cantadoras, Men's Choir and the Coronado Bluenotes. The Shomber choir will be performing John Rutter's Gloria in three movements combined with brass, organ and percussion, according to Coronado choir director Jeff Hodur.
       Tickets are $3 from the school business office. They will be $4 at the door.
       Bristol Elementary is benefitting from savings in the District 11 buildings bond program that voters approved in 2005.
       The school has been funded for a playground resurfacing, valued at $70,000, according to a list provided this week by D-11 facilities. The upgrade is one of 28 “bonus projects” in the district (the only one on the Westside) over the past year and a half, using $6 million from the bond program's contingency fund, according to a district press release.
       “Overall, the 2006-2010 bond program is on track for completion within budget (overall budget, $152,400,000) and ahead of schedule (mandatory completion, Jan 31, 2011),” the release states. The work included projects such as the auditorium at Coronado High and a retrofitting of Bristol's interior.
       Midland Elementary staffers will accept donations for wrapping gifts and the school will receive a portion of the sale anytime “Midland” is mentioned at the cash register at the Citadel Barnes & Noble store Friday, Dec. 4 from 4 to 10 p.m.

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