EDITORíS DESK: A tragedy in any season

       I wanted to write a pleasant little column this time. There is so much going on, with Christmas coming up - school concerts, Rock Ledge Ranch's Holiday Evenings, the Bed & Breakfast Holiday Tour, Bear Creek Nature Center's Annual Open House, Rocky Mountain Christmas in Old Colorado City, the Organization of Westside Neighbors' holiday potluck, the Old Colorado City Library's 100th birthday party...
       But I can't help it. Thinking about all those jolly events just keeps bringing my mind back to the tragedy that happened on Armstrong Avenue Nov. 30 - that there's a mother who's never going to see things like holiday events again and a surviving son who may see them but never in the same way as before.
       You may have already seen the coverage on TV or in the daily paper. We have an article in this issue of the Pioneer. Our policy is to stay away from crime news unless it's serious enough to affect our Westside community. There was no doubt about that here. A monster the police termed an "ex-boyfriend" went to Carolyn Seddon's house, tied up her son, then waited to kill her, then himself. Maybe in some twisted rathole of his brain he thought he was being romantic, bringing a true final curtain to their relationship. But think of her son. The monster obviously didn't. There the boy was, bound and gagged, doubtlessly hearing his mother's cries yet unable to help. That will no doubt haunt him for the rest of his days. How could it not?
       I'm sorry. This is not a column that will bring solace or solutions. But if you are a person who believes in prayer, I can't think of a better time to say one.

- K.J.